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Our values, what defines us

Our values, what defines us
Our values, what defines us

At iziwork, people are at the heart of our activity. we are convinced that living by shared values as a team is essential to our collective success in achieving our purpose, reinventing the way people access and experience work.

It is therefore quite naturally that we have defined, together, the values ​​of the iziwork group. Very important step in the life of a young company like ours, given that this is what defines and guides us on a daily basis.

“We start with the end user. We are constructive, execution minded, focused and in a favor of simple things.”

These 16 values ​​define who we are, where we go, how we are organized and how we work at iziwork. 

Who we are

Honest: we are transparent: we mean what we say and say what we think, without secrets or politics. We behave with integrity and never take any unethical shortcut.

Humble: no one is of special importance and we have equal relationships. We respect each other and we value everybody’s opinion, regardless of status, title or success. If we are proud and confident, we never look down on people or brag about our success.

Collective success focused: we work as a team and value collective success above all else. We succeed with our team mates, never at their expense.

Open-minded: we believe no rule is carved in stone and prevents innovation, creation or to challenge ourselves and look for new ways to do better. We recognize that our perspective is, by definition, relative and based on a given set of informations and thought mechanisms. We listen to others’ points of view, and fully consider all fact based arguments.

Positive: we are fundamentally positive and optimistic. We are realistic and transparent about what goes wrong, but we know that challenges and failures can always be overcome and become learning opportunities.

Were we go

Ambitious: we think BIG, and figure out how to get there. We want to build something great and do not settle for less. There is not a lot actual limitations out there, but time.

Innovative: we never settle for the status quo. We are pioneers and we break the rules. We are not afraid of trying new things or ways of doing things, because it is who we are, it is a lot of fun, and it is our path to success.

Long term focused: we are committed to building a great lasting company in the long term and act accordingly on a daily basis. Business health shall never be compromised for the sake of short-term targets. We often step back from day to day operations to challenge ourselves on what we can improve in the mid and long term.

“Impact driven”: we are convinced that we will have a positive impact on society and reinvent the way people access and experience work. It may take time, but we know that every step we take daily to build, improve and grow our company is a progress towards this end goal.

How we are organized

Empowering teams: we are convinced freedom is a necessary condition for people to thrive. We trust our teams and give them the scopes, means and space to achieve their goals in autonomy. We guide and challenge them, while leaving them the opportunity to define the way forward and grow along the way.

Responsible: we take full responsibility for our scope, actions and results. When things go wrong, we do not try to hide it or blame others, the economy or the weather: we are vocally self critical and set a plan forward to fix it.

How we work

Starting with end users: our end user’s best interest is the starting point for any action or decision. Our reflex is to consult, ask and observe our end users (worker, client, partner, internal user etc.) instead of acting based on our assumptions or opinions.

Constructive: we know that any problem can be solved. When facing one, we do not dwell on it: we immediately and relentlessly look for solutions until it is fixed.

Execution minded: we value fast and rigorous execution more than any perfect theory. We make fast decision, and act upon them immediately. We spend time to design strong execution plans with timelines, end products, owners and KPIs to ensure clear milestones between the objective and the result.

Focused: we do a few things, but we try and do it perfectly: we are laser focused. We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve, and focus exclusively on being great at what brings us closer to this goal.Simplicity: we value simplification and believe that the simplest approaches and solutions are often the best.